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Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Game Plan

United Nations passed a resolution that according to many, is against Israel. But this is just one side of the picture or should I say the side that US and Israel wanted us to see. The reason behind the claim will be evident shortly.
On this year 23rd December, UN security council has passed a resolution. It concerns the Israeli settlements in "Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem". The resolution states that Israel's settlement activity constitutes a "flagrant violation" of international law and has "no legal validity". It demands that Israel stops such activity and fulfills its obligation as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is after the adaptation of this resolution that Israel opened fires on all those who voted for this resolution. But the one that disappointed Israel the most , according to Benjamin Netanyahu, was United States. But it is still to decide that whether United States disappointed Israel or they do what they were appointed for.
The other side of the picture that most of us are unable to see could be the one that it is the Israel that wanted to resolve the issue. Yes, it is the Israel that wanted to resolve it, but on its own conditions.
As Israel now occupies most of the Palestine and the holy sites therefore they must have asked United States to not to vote for it and let the issue be resolved in a way that suits Israel. 
Image result for john kerry with arab leadersNow the question arises that what suits Israel and why they wanted to resolve it? Israel Ideological aim is to have regional domination and then world domination by dragging World's Economic center from Wall Street to Israel's capital.This is only possible when the Arab countries ,that constitute the region surrounding Israel, open their doors for Israel. Most of the Muslim countries and specifically Arab countries will have stable relations with Israel only when Israel resolved the Israel-Palestine issue. This was also stated by John Kerry in his yesterday statement ,that in his talks with Arab leaders they made it very clear that if Israel is keen to resolve the issue they are also keen to join hands with Israel. John Kerry in his statement highlighted the "Arab Peace Initiative" endorsed by Arab league in 2002 with regard to the relation of Arab countries with Israel.
There arise another question that why United States after 14 years felt a need to highlight Arab Peace Initiative? Why did they not accentuate it before? Israel's occupation is not new and that United States backed their occupation before, then why they are not backing it today. This is because Israel want United States to back them a bit differently this time, in a way that can make Israel a part of world community once again so as they can work on their ultimate agenda without any hindrance.
 We need to understand that relations between countries are not like childhood friendship rather they are stitched with Ideology and economies. United States Ideology perfectly lies parallel with Israel and as far as their economy is concerned then it is already in the hands of Israel. Therefore, United States cannot take this risk of going against their long lasting friend.
Image result for blur pictureMany may consider this side of the picture to be fallacious but it is indeed blur today and time will come when it will not be blur anymore.May Allah save Muslims and all humans from all such traps.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Pleading for Kashmir

It has been 70 years that United Nations is unable to resolve issue of Kashmir. Some say it to be the failure of United Nations but there lies a failure of an "Advocate". Yes, it is Pakistan,Pakistan's stance is superior than India in terms of human rights,law and desires of the majority of Kashmiri's- many people do have concerns over this, except the Kashmiri's themselves. The world in which we all happen to live always show concern over the human rights and to the right of self determination but Pakistan has failed to gain world's attention over human righ s violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.
This failure is becuase of  two reasons
1. Pakistan never had a permanent policy on Kashmir.
2. India had a strong diplomatic channel.
As far as Pakistan's policy on Kashmir is concerned it has never been adopted as a national policy but has always dependent upon the mood of the government of that time and at times on the mood of the opposition. Therefore the kind of work that is required for this case is incomplete. For example Pakistan never highlighted the issue the way it should be highlighted in UN. Pakistan ,in-spite of having evidences of the violations of the human rights in Kashmir, never presented them in UN. And above all they never did diplomacy over Kashmir issue. 
Today diplomacy is very important for the foreign affairs and one can imagine the efforts of Pakistan that it does not have a foreign minister at present.
On the other hand India is very smart in most of the aspects, especially in diplomacy. Although they had a UN resolution against them declaring Kashmir to be a disputed territory and that it should be resolved through plebiscite but they never gave worth to it because world is not pressurizing them and world is not pressurizing them because they have good diplomatic relations with India. Their economies are stitched along with India's economy.
But this does not mean that Pakistan has lost the case. Pakistan is now taking steps to rebuild their case by sending 22 members of Parliament in different parts of the world to highlight this issue. Moreover Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met the Kashmiri leaders so as to give a strong message in UN upcoming session.
May Allah help Pakistan and Kashmir.