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Friday, 20 September 2013


Women is always a source of comfort in all her forms,so she can be the best one to serve humanity.This is because, her heart that beats for her child and the day she decides that the whole world is like her child then she can be marvelous to serve humanity.Many people asked me that what is the place or should I say the status of women in your eyes.The answer is quite simple, the same that is given by our HOLY PROPHET S.A.W.W. Who am I to decide the status of such noble part of our world.Therefore,I'm talking about the status that is above all.Then people asked what place will be given to a women worker in YDP. Again the answer is quite simple and authentic, the same as a man is awarded and if my ALLAH didn't differentiate them, then why should I? And who am I to decide that what place should be given to them or how should they will be treated in YDP.
But yes the one criteria that will be implemented and it is implemented regarding positions : the one who understands the religion the most and the one who is most humble and devoted towards ALLAH will have better and more responsible position.
That is just to clear the enigma and to make it clear that a women is equally treated as men in ISLAM  so YDP also follows the same rule .
In short respect women if you want respect in this world and in the world hereafter.
Also that women should step ahead to LEAD the world and they will be supported by YDP INSHALLAH.