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Monday, 9 September 2013


Again money wins the game:
Today in Pakistan again the money show it's power n a murderer was saved in the name of deeat,yes i'm talking about the case of SHAHZAIB KHAN.The murderer SHARAUKH JATOI was guilted for murder and it was declare that he will be hanged but alas again it result in nothing.Acoocrding to ISLAMIC STUDIES PROFESSOR OF KARACHI UNIVERSITY who is
also a RELIGIOUS SCHOLOR that "there are two types of murders that are described in QUARAN,one that is done by mistake n other that is done intentionally.deeat can be a solution in first one but not in second one because in second case it is now a matter of state that how such a crime is commited in ISLAMIC STATE n that  the murderer should be given strict punishment to set an example"
But today in the name of deeat the justice is sold once again n according to media reports may be wrong that the family of shahzaib is given AUSTRALIAN VISA as well n they are leaving soon.So choice is ur that which system u support

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