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Saturday, 31 December 2016

New Game Plan

United Nations passed a resolution that according to many, is against Israel. But this is just one side of the picture or should I say the side that US and Israel wanted us to see. The reason behind the claim will be evident shortly.
On this year 23rd December, UN security council has passed a resolution. It concerns the Israeli settlements in "Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem". The resolution states that Israel's settlement activity constitutes a "flagrant violation" of international law and has "no legal validity". It demands that Israel stops such activity and fulfills its obligation as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is after the adaptation of this resolution that Israel opened fires on all those who voted for this resolution. But the one that disappointed Israel the most , according to Benjamin Netanyahu, was United States. But it is still to decide that whether United States disappointed Israel or they do what they were appointed for.
The other side of the picture that most of us are unable to see could be the one that it is the Israel that wanted to resolve the issue. Yes, it is the Israel that wanted to resolve it, but on its own conditions.
As Israel now occupies most of the Palestine and the holy sites therefore they must have asked United States to not to vote for it and let the issue be resolved in a way that suits Israel. 
Image result for john kerry with arab leadersNow the question arises that what suits Israel and why they wanted to resolve it? Israel Ideological aim is to have regional domination and then world domination by dragging World's Economic center from Wall Street to Israel's capital.This is only possible when the Arab countries ,that constitute the region surrounding Israel, open their doors for Israel. Most of the Muslim countries and specifically Arab countries will have stable relations with Israel only when Israel resolved the Israel-Palestine issue. This was also stated by John Kerry in his yesterday statement ,that in his talks with Arab leaders they made it very clear that if Israel is keen to resolve the issue they are also keen to join hands with Israel. John Kerry in his statement highlighted the "Arab Peace Initiative" endorsed by Arab league in 2002 with regard to the relation of Arab countries with Israel.
There arise another question that why United States after 14 years felt a need to highlight Arab Peace Initiative? Why did they not accentuate it before? Israel's occupation is not new and that United States backed their occupation before, then why they are not backing it today. This is because Israel want United States to back them a bit differently this time, in a way that can make Israel a part of world community once again so as they can work on their ultimate agenda without any hindrance.
 We need to understand that relations between countries are not like childhood friendship rather they are stitched with Ideology and economies. United States Ideology perfectly lies parallel with Israel and as far as their economy is concerned then it is already in the hands of Israel. Therefore, United States cannot take this risk of going against their long lasting friend.
Image result for blur pictureMany may consider this side of the picture to be fallacious but it is indeed blur today and time will come when it will not be blur anymore.May Allah save Muslims and all humans from all such traps.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Pleading for Kashmir

It has been 70 years that United Nations is unable to resolve issue of Kashmir. Some say it to be the failure of United Nations but there lies a failure of an "Advocate". Yes, it is Pakistan,Pakistan's stance is superior than India in terms of human rights,law and desires of the majority of Kashmiri's- many people do have concerns over this, except the Kashmiri's themselves. The world in which we all happen to live always show concern over the human rights and to the right of self determination but Pakistan has failed to gain world's attention over human righ s violations in Indian occupied Kashmir.
This failure is becuase of  two reasons
1. Pakistan never had a permanent policy on Kashmir.
2. India had a strong diplomatic channel.
As far as Pakistan's policy on Kashmir is concerned it has never been adopted as a national policy but has always dependent upon the mood of the government of that time and at times on the mood of the opposition. Therefore the kind of work that is required for this case is incomplete. For example Pakistan never highlighted the issue the way it should be highlighted in UN. Pakistan ,in-spite of having evidences of the violations of the human rights in Kashmir, never presented them in UN. And above all they never did diplomacy over Kashmir issue. 
Today diplomacy is very important for the foreign affairs and one can imagine the efforts of Pakistan that it does not have a foreign minister at present.
On the other hand India is very smart in most of the aspects, especially in diplomacy. Although they had a UN resolution against them declaring Kashmir to be a disputed territory and that it should be resolved through plebiscite but they never gave worth to it because world is not pressurizing them and world is not pressurizing them because they have good diplomatic relations with India. Their economies are stitched along with India's economy.
But this does not mean that Pakistan has lost the case. Pakistan is now taking steps to rebuild their case by sending 22 members of Parliament in different parts of the world to highlight this issue. Moreover Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met the Kashmiri leaders so as to give a strong message in UN upcoming session.
May Allah help Pakistan and Kashmir.

Monday, 29 June 2015


The word peace means, “a period of harmony between different social groups that is characterized by lack of violence or conflict behaviors, and the freedom from fear of violence.” But it can be characterized into two types
·         External peace
·         Internal peace
World is well aware of its external condition of peace while, this blog is mostly concerned with internal peace.
 In the recent Juma prayer, I heard Imam saying following words in his dua…
“Ae Allah Pakistan ko aman ka ghewara bna….(O Allah make Pakistan as a cradle of peace…)
“hum sub ko sakoon aata farma…(Grant peace to all of us…)
I was also a part of this prayer while, my lips stitched and did not allow me to say “Ameen” with my all other fellows in this dua.This was because, at that moment a hadith came to my mind that I want to share with all of you and want to put another aspect on the table.
Nu'man b. Bashir reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever
(6258'The Book of Virtue, Good Manners and Joining of the Ties of Relationship (Kitab Al-Birr was-Salat-I-wal-Adab)' of Sahih Muslim)
Surely, this is a famous hadith and we heard it a lot of times but did we ever think about its meaning?
I don’t know how can we have peace if our brothers and sisters ,part of our body as stated in above hadith, are living under the dark clouds of oppressors, who used to cut them into pieces, put them into fire, just because they are Muslims, just because they are our brothers, just because their names start with “Muhammad” .

There is no need to give stats again and again; the above hadith is enough to make one release about the relation of Muslims and our role in this respect. Just want to make clear to Muslims that we cannot live in peace if our mothers used to sleep with tears in their eyes, our sisters without scarfs on their dignified heads and our brothers lying beheaded in the streets of Kashmir, Burma, Bosnia, Chechnya and Palestine. Moreover for the non-Muslims, you used to do a lot other things for the sake of peace for example meditation, yoga etc. but you even cannot have peace in yourself, if you are part of the murder of millions of innocent Muslims,as silence over brutality is a “war crime”. But here I made a mistake, that some of you don’t even consider Muslims to be innocent.

I didn’t say Ameen just because I came to know the reason of why we are not having peace, as our other brothers are not having peace. As I know we all, altogether are the reasons of why we are not having peace, of why we are not able to flourish in our lives, of why we are not able to live in comfort, so I did not feel comfortable to ask for something if I’m not able to remove the shortcomings.  I am very much hopeful that one day we will be able to consider this aspect as well.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Stance of Pakistan and India

Kashmir, located in the south of Asia, is a disputed territory between Pakistan and India since 1947. It was a state of Prince Hari Singh who bought Kashmir for 7,500,000 rupees from British authorities. It was the largest state in subcontinent. Hari Singh treated the Kashmiris gravely and created havoc in their lives. During the independence movement in subcontinent, Kashmiris played a vital role to free their land from Hari Singh and wanted to be a part of Pakistan but because of its immense importance India wanted Kashmir to remain in its federation and therefore the viceroy of that time and the first Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten, made amendments in the maps of two countries, Pakistan and India, and provided a way to India, to enter Kashmir valley. This led to an issue between Pakistan and India, that is unresolved until now. Both countries claim Kashmir to be their part and therefore on this issue Pakistan and India fought three wars, in 1948, 1965 and 1971. Moreover, this is an issue that is not only affecting the relations of India and Pakistan but also the lives of the people of two countries. Kashmir today is under the control of three countries, India, Pakistan and China. The part of Kashmir that India controls is called Jammu and Kashmir, the part under the control of Pakistan is called Azad Kashmir and china controls Aksai chin. Pakistan took control of Azad Kashmir in 1948, when mujahedeen retaliated in Kashmir valley. Although India claims that Kashmir is its integral part however, Kashmir should belong to Pakistan because Pakistan can give protection to the basic human rights of Kashmiris, majority of the population of Kashmir is Muslim and that it is the desire of Kashmiris is to become a part of Pakistan.
The most outrageous aspect of Kashmir is the violation of human rights of its people. People of Kashmir are living under the oppression of Indian government and to hide the decrepitude of Kashmiris, Indian government has banned the entry of foreign journalists and even their local journalists are not allowed to report without the consent of government. But bits and pieces of news have been leaked out through indirect sources and the most authentic report is of four Human rights association of India. These organizations are The People’s Union for civil Liberations, The citizen for Democracy, The Radical Humanist Association and Manav Ekta Abhiya. Their report is an eye opener for the world as report states numerous incidents of the atrocities, especially by Indian security forces. For example report states a heart rendering incident of an injured person that, “An injured person was brought to the door step of a doctor for medical attention. Neither was the injured person allowed to enter the clinic nor was the doctor allowed to come out to attend him with the result that he died (Azmi, Aqil Ahmad). There are numerous such examples of brutality and inhumane treatment of Indian government and army, for example, the same report mentions a dreadful incident, that when Indian forces opened fire on public without provocation, number of people died including a pregnant woman and her 8 year old son (Azmi, Aqil Ahmad). People of Kashmir spend most of their day in a curfew and are not allowed to roam freely. Moreover, on the other side of boarder, in Pakistan controlled Kashmir, valley is declared as a state, having its own President and Prime Minister, where Kashmiris have right to live in a way they want by legislating their own laws. Furthermore, not a single incident of brutality is reported from Azad Kashmir and Azad Kashmir valley welcomes not only journalists but others as well to visit its beauty. Kashmiris of Azad Kashmir have a right to vote and they make full use of it. The recent by-election is an evidence of the use of their right to vote. 

Although inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir do have a right to vote but Kashmiris do not want to be a part of their electoral process and its evidence is that the turn out of the elections in Kashmir always remain very low. “So far, the election turnout has been low, while some areas such as Soyimoh and Bhatgund in south Kashmir have even recorded zero turnout”(Al-Jazeera).  Moreover, the report of above mentioned organizations state numerous incidents of rape of young Kashmiri girls by military forces of India. As it reports,” Two members of the team were taken to the house where two young girls were said to have been raped by security forces” (Azmi, Aqil Ahamd). Pakistan is providing quality education to the students of Azad Kashmir by building medical colleges, Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical College; Mohidudin Medical College; AJK medical college, engineering universities, University of science and technology Mirpur AJK, and other educational institutes, University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. However, the Kashmiri students of Indian controlled Kashmir face racism, due to the partial behavior of Indian government towards them. Recently, while celebrating the win of Pakistan cricket team in a match against India in Asia cup, 130 Kashmiri students have been expelled and the University is not willing to give admission to any of the Kashmiri student. While, Pakistan is eager to give these students admissions in Azad Kashmir (Press release). Furthermore, Indian army martyred number of Kashmiris and tried to hide the evidences. According to recent reports 100 unnamed graves are found in the Kashmir Valley. Moreover, thousands of Kashmiris are living rest of their lives in jail as Indian government considers them terrorists. India claims to be a democratic country and a secular state but it always tries to crush the voice of Kashmir. While, in Azad Kashmir no such incidents ever took place, people in Azad Kashmir have a right to speak, to express and to live in a way they want. Hence the basic human rights of Kashmiris are well protected by Pakistan as compared to that by India
According to the rule of partition, all States should declare their accession keeping in mind the majority religion of the people of state. BBC reports show that about 95% of population of Kashmir valley is Muslim. . As Kashmir is a predominant Muslim state it should have a right to be a part of Pakistan. As other states declared their accession on the basis of the principle that was acceptable to both party, Muslim league and Congress. For example, Prince of the state of Bahawalpur declares its accession with Pakistan on the basis of the majority religion of his state people. Moreover, the Princes of Kalat, Makran, Las Bela and Kharan also sign the paper of accession with Pakistan because the majority of the people in their state practice Islam. Similarly, a number of states declare their accession with India on the basis of religion. For example the state of Tripura, the state of Karnataka, Manipur and Goa declare their accession keeping in mind the religion of their people. This principle was adopted so that the respective governments will be able to provide protection to the religious rights of people. But being a Muslim predominant valley Kashmiris are facing a lot of hurdles towards practice of their religion. Many a times they are not allowed to go for SALAH and for Juma prayer. Aqil Ahmad Azmi in his book Kashmir AN Unparalleled Curfew, states, “Hindu society is an oppressive, be intolerant and unjust society”. Moreover, they are not allowed to slaughter cows in public on the eve of Eid-ul-Azah. Instead of providing liberty in their religious rights for being a secular state Hindu society forced Kashmiris to convert to Hinduism. On the other side of the border in Azad Kashmir Pakistan gives protection to all religious right of the people. As Pakistan is also a Muslim state, based on the principle of religion, Kashmiris never faced hurdles in practicing their religious sermons. As Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Ali Jinnah said,” you are free to go to your temples, mosques and churches. As your religion has nothing to do with the business of the state” (28 October Peshawar). Hence Kashmir should be a part of Pakistan on the basis of the religious affiliation of Kashmiris with Pakistan.
It is the desire of Kashmiris to be a part of Pakistan rather than of India. This is the reason that India is not willing to have a plebiscite in Kashmir as Indian officials are well aware of the will of Kashmiris. Indian defense minister, Krishna Menon, on 5 February 1964 states in the United Nations,” Kashmir would vote to join Pakistan and no government responsible for agreeing for plebiscite would survive “(Kashmir). This statement of Krishna Menon clearly reflects the will of Kashmiris. Moreover, Naghma Mangrio states in her book A Historical and Political Perspective of Kashmir,” As far as the Kashmiri people were concerned they had natural interest in allying themselves with Pakistan. At the time of the transfer of power, Muslims constituted about 78% of the entire population and around 93% in the valley itself. Kashmir had religious and cultural affinities with Pakistan. It has over nine hundred mile border with Pakistan. Besides this there were many other factors which linked the Kashmir closely to Pakistan”(Mangrio, Naghma).Furthermore, Sir William Barton describing the affiliation of Kashmiris with Pakistan states,” After the British withdrawal, a section of the Moslem community, influenced by rumors that the Maharajah intended to accede to India, started a revolutionary movement. It was savagely dealt with by the Maharajah's Hindu and Dogra troops” (Barton, William). Musarat Alam, who was in jail when came out on bail, hoisted flag of Pakistan publically. Moreover, he raised slogans in favor of Pakistan and millions of Kashmiris raised their voice along with him. A popular slogan that he used was, “Kashmir bane ga Pakistan” shows the desire of Kashmiris and their affiliation with Pakistan. Therefore, Kashmir should have a right to join Pakistan not only on the basis of religious affiliation but also on the basis of cultural affiliation.
India claims Kashmir to be its integral part on the basis of the paper of accession signed by Hari Singh and this claim is based on fundamental misrepresentation. India argues its case on this basis in United Nations but as this claim is based on fraud and a resolution is present in United Nations that the fate of Kashmir will be decided by the people of Kashmir. The claim of India about accession is a fraud perpetrated with the full participation of Lord Mountbatten, “There were many other factors which linked the Kashmir closely to Pakistan. This clearly shows that Lord Mount Batten accepted the accession against the interests of the people of Kashmir” (Kashmir issue1). Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Governor General of Pakistan at that time, declare it to be intrigue and violence. In a meeting with Muhammad Ali Jinnah to resolve the issue of accession, Lord Mountbatten in his personal report states “continuing, he, Jinnah, said that the accession was not a bona fid one since it rested on fraud and violence and would never be accepted by Pakistan. I asked him why he used the term ‘fraud’ since the Maharajah was fully entitled in accordance with Pakistan’s own official statement about Junagadh… to make such an accession. It was therefore perfectly legal and valid. Jinnah said that this accession was the end of a long intrigue and that it had been brought about any violence” (KASHMIR).                   
 Moreover, the one that has testimony is  Mr. M.C Mahajan, the prime minister of Kashmir at the time of accession, who himself gives the following narrative” in the early hours of the morning of 27th, I could hear the noise of planes flying over Sardar Baldev Singh’s house, where Mahajan spent the night ,and carrying the military personals to Srinagar. At about 9am, I got a message from… Srinagar that troops had landed there and had gone into action. On receipt of this message, I flew to Jammu with Mr. V.P Menon…Mr. Menon and myself met his Highness, Hari Singh had driven down from Srinagar the previous night to his winter capital, at the palace… After some discussion, formal documents were signed which Mr. Menon took back to Delhi… I stayed at Jammu. This was a narrow shave “(Kashmir). But analyzing this sequence of events Mr. Stanley Wolpert writes in his book “Jinnah of Pakistan”,” Mahajan’s autobiography account of his most important sequence is at critical variance with the previous reports published by V.P.Menon and others close to Nehru and Patel and associated with the Government of India at that time. Menon insists that Kashmiri’s instrument of accession was signed and delivered to New Delhi before any Indian troops were flown into action in Srinagar, Mahajan reports the reverse. The actual sequence is of more than academic interest, since India’s claim to Kashmir was, in legal terms, based on having secured a legitimate instrument of accession prior to airlifting, any troops into the vale”(Kashmir). This contrast in the narration of M.C.Mahajan with the reports of V.P. Menon, assigned with the task to convince the Prince of different States to join India, reflects the fraud inside the claim of India. Moreover if the claim of India is considered to be legal, that the India hold the right to declare Kashmir as its own part just because Maharajah wants to make Kashmir to be a apart of India as compared to that of Pakistan then Pakistan also holds the right to declare Hyderabad as its part as the Prince of Hyderabad, The Nazam, preferred Pakistan rather India. But as this is not a strong claim to make therefore Pakistan never interfere in the invasion of Hyderabad even when the Nazam flew to Pakistan after the invasion of his state by India. Furthermore, it is a known fact that the mental state of autocratic Maharajah was not good at the time of accession. Therefore there is no legal validity of an act of a person in such a mental state and under circumstances with Indian troops marching in the valley. Hence Indian claim of Kashmir to be its integral part is based on fraud and Kashmir should be a part of Pakistan as Pakistan hold legal right to claim Kashmir as its part.

Consequently, the claim of Pakistan is just and is based on principles. Therefore Pakistan has the right to declare Kashmir as its own part. Sir William Barton states,” In population, as well as geographically, Kashmir is logically a part of Pakistan” (Barton, William). Thus, the claim of Pakistan is logical as well. While, the claim of India is not as strong as that of Pakistan and therefore United Nations has to make a decision regarding the plebiscite so as to give Kashmir its due right to join Pakistan. Although India claims that Kashmir is its integral part however, Kashmir should belong to Pakistan because Pakistan can give protection to the basic human rights of Kashmiris, majority population of Kashmir is Muslim and that, it is the desire of Kashmiris is to become a part of Pakistan.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Time to think to kill your will

                                         I shall rise and shine  
In the name of Allah,the most merciful and beneficent
Days back I thought to write a blog which is important to write and I think of it as my responsibility although I still need  a lot to study as well on this debatable issue but I feel that I should actually open up a debate by sharing what I know.
This is what I really want to talk about that made us all to think what is happening all around us.After the Peshawer attack on my school branch,children wearing the same uniform as I used to wear,holding the same badges on their chest as I used to hold on my chest,ready to rise as I used to,made me to talk and write about this.
The word "khwajirites" mean 'the one who is exiled from the booundries of the religion" or "the one who is expelled from the institution of the deen".It originates from the arabic word "Kharij" meaning to expel.It is used for  a group of people who were expelled from the Islam 1400 years back
According to one of the hadiths,it's summary is about this
After one of the holy wars Prophet PBUH distributed the Maal-e-ganeemat among the people and from these one person stood up and (nazoobiallah) argued with the Prophet PBUH that he PBUH didn't distribute all the stuff with justice.At that time other Sahaba R.A asked Prophet PBUH to make him to earn what he diserve for such disobediance (to kill to death)but Prophet PBUH stopped them and said that this person all his upcoming generations are expelled from ISLAM although this person and his descendents will have loads of good deeds and their tounges will always recite the verses of holy Quran.
(May Allah forgive me if I made mistake in interpretation)
Historical background:
In 657, Hazrat Alī's RA forces met Hazrat Muʿāwiyah's RA at the Battle of Siffin this was the first civil war of muslims then Hazrat Muʿāwiyah RA offered an arbitration with Hazrat Ali to resolve the matter according to the will of Quran.At that time there was a group in the Hazrat Ali RA army who was against this arbitration because acording to them it is against the verse of Quran "The decision is only for Allah "(Qur'an 6:57),which the Kharijites interpreted to mean that the outcome of a conflict can only be decided in battle (by God) and not in negotiations (by human beings).From their on the first  group of khwajirites evolve.
Doctrinal  differences:
The differences between the Sunni, Shiʿa, and the Kharijites are the following:
Sunnis accept Ali as the fourth rightly guided Caliph, and also accept the three Caliphs before him, who were elected by their community. Shi'a believe that the imaamate was the right of Ali, and the rule of the first three Rashidun caliphs was unlawful. Kharijites insist that any Muslim could be a leader of the Muslim community and had the right to revolt against any ruler who deviated from their interpretation of Islam.[citation needed]
Kharijites reject the doctrine of infallibility for the leader of the Muslim community, in contrast to Shi'a but in agreement with Sunnis.[10]
Analysis by modern scholars:
Modern-day Islamic scholar Abul Ala Maududi wrote an analysis of Kharijite beliefs, marking a number of differences between Kharijism and Sunni Islam. The Kharijites believed that the act of sinning is analogous to Kufr (disbelief) and that every grave sinner was regarded as a Kāfir (disbeliever) unless he repents. With this argument, they denounced all the above-mentioned Ṣaḥābah and even cursed and used abusive language against them. Ordinary Muslims were above-mentioned Ṣaḥābah as believers and considered them as religious leaders, even inferring Islamic jurisprudence from the Hadeeth narrated by them. [9] They also believed that it is not a must for the caliph to be from the Quraysh. Any pious Muslim nominated by other Muslims could be an eligible caliph.[9] Additionally, Kharijites believed that obedience to the caliph is binding as long as he is managing the affairs with justice and consultation, but if he deviates, then it becomes obligatory to confront him, demote him and even kill him. [9] Regarding Islamic law, the Kharijites considered the Qur'an as the source for Islamic jurisprudence but regarding the other two sources (Hadith and Ijma) their concepts were different from ordinary Muslims
Note that it is very important to accept the concept of ijma that is clear from an example that today we muslims perform our religious deeds based upon the movement of moon what if that few years later we start to settle on the moon which is not so difficult and impossible in todays world then what will muslims do then if they do not have an ijma.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Today we are in a world that is not a world in fact but a place full of dubious persons.Dubious in a sense that when ISRAEL shows brutality for Palestine then the whole world screams that they are DEFENDING themselves and they got every shit right to kill Muslims but when Palestine Muslims show a reaction the whole world shout that we the muslims are TERRORISTS.Now let me show you something that beside of this fact western world is saying that Israel got the right point
This shows that how Israel occupied the Palestine land since 1946 to present and then when Palestine want their land back they say they are terrorist.Similar case is in KASHMIR,BOSNIA AND CHACNIA that if they want their occupied land back world then scream that they are terrorist.
Now let me tell you what role PAKISTAN is playing in all that condition then sorry to say PAKISTAN is playing NO role.
In our country our POLITICIANS got time to have LONG MARCH on an issue that they want such an electoral system under which we can have free n fair elections
Let me ask a question that


This is because they are POLITICIANS and they do politics for their own rights not for the people.
In today sehri a question arose in my mind that if we are the most beloved UMMAH of ALLAH then why we are being crushed so badly by the whole world? and then suddenly someone from my inside asked me that are we the UMMAH the ALLAH wants us to be?ARE WE THE MUSLIMS THE HOLY PROPHET WANTS US TO BE?
Surely not infact we are DUBIOUS as well we are playing a double game with ourselves that's why world is playing a double role with us.
It's a humble request to not to do what your politicinas want you to do,do what you actually want to do that is in favour of muslims and as well for the all humans

Friday, 27 June 2014


I am writing this post with a heart that today literally cried over the conditions and situation of UMMAH and what I read today is actually the reason that made me feel ashamed not only on the people who are in my circle but also on myself as well.
That is why I choose the topic FREELANCE ISLAM.
Today we are using ISLAM as  PART TIME religion,infact it is the world's agenda that to introduce such a Islam that is acceptable to all of us in fact to those people that want us to follow islam and you yes you are well aware that when i said those people so what I actually mean..but you all are such a coward in fact we all muslims are such a coward that we never want to know that who is playing a game with us beside of the fact that we know them

So what we then expect that the whole world give you respect with this attitude we all are on a great mistake
Today we take ISLAM A FREELANCE in the following way

  • we are ready to bow before ALLAH five times a day,we are ready to give ZAKAT,we are ready to have FAST but we are not ready to go for JIHAD.
  • we all ready to allow our sisters and mothers to wear hijab only in the time of prayer but we are not ready to allow them to wear them in streets(w.r.t western world)
  • we all are ready to turn our tv volume low when azan is there but we are not ready to quite MUSIC in our free time
  • we are ready to say that we love PROPHET P.B.U.H but we are not ready to say even a single word to a person who nazbillah become a source of harm to the dignity of last PROPHET P.B.U.H
  • we are ready to show anger when someone spoke against our political leaders but we are not ready to show aggression when 20,000 Muslim homes were burnt to fire

And now one more thing that stunned me today that recently in AMSTERDAM which is the SEX CAPITAL OF WORLD(sorry to use that word but i have to use to clarify what i want to say)there was an advertisement stating that HALAL PROSTITUTES ARE AVAILABLE.....that mean that they don't drink they sometime don't eat pig and much more
Now this is what we are doing with our own religion this is not their fault that they are presenting ISLAM in a wrong way it is we who are practicing ISLAM in a DUBIOUS way.
The western agenda is to make ISLAM a religion that is not a strange on for every one of us and they are doing this by using above stated tactics and we are helping them each and every time
Today we are like JOKERS in the world
                                              "ISLAM STARTED WITH ODDNESS AND IT WILL 
                                                AGAIN BECOME ODD"
Brothers and sisters the day has come today JIHAD IS ODD  for us today HIJAB  IS ODD for us today doing something for LAST PROPHET S.A.W.W IS ODD for us etc
It is a humble request to all of you to think about it