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Wednesday, 4 September 2013


The YDP is quite clear on the issue of nationlism and have a firm stand on it.Every msulim nowadays is confond on nationalism and we dont really know who we really are.There are numorous parties nowadays in pakistan and around the world with different flags and each and every party is giving a separate identity to the nation.This is very common in Pakistan someone is PPP someone represent LEAGUI n someone represent PTI but "alas" no one represent MUSLIMS.We always say that we are standing under one flag but no one really knows which one,is that a flag with "RED BLACK N GREEN"or it is "PINK N GREEN"FLAG or it is "GREEN WITH STAR N TIGER ON IT"

The most gravity situation is that today we zipped our mouths on the issue of potraits of PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) NAUZBILLAH but we are ready to fight if someone say a single word of humilation in the respect of our today so called leaders.This is time to think that what our media is promoting among us are we on the track shown by PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH) or not?That is the question that every muslim should ask itself.
YDP is doing it's bit but we need all muslims to support us
Now coming back to our stance on nationalism so the above disscussion clearly delineate it that YDP is against this type of nationality,we believe that we are muslims by birth and it is are onle na sole nationality and identity.
Our flag which is infact the flag of ISLAM is the proof n depict that we invite all muslims to stand under one flag of ISLAM