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Friday, 27 June 2014


I am writing this post with a heart that today literally cried over the conditions and situation of UMMAH and what I read today is actually the reason that made me feel ashamed not only on the people who are in my circle but also on myself as well.
That is why I choose the topic FREELANCE ISLAM.
Today we are using ISLAM as  PART TIME religion,infact it is the world's agenda that to introduce such a Islam that is acceptable to all of us in fact to those people that want us to follow islam and you yes you are well aware that when i said those people so what I actually mean..but you all are such a coward in fact we all muslims are such a coward that we never want to know that who is playing a game with us beside of the fact that we know them

So what we then expect that the whole world give you respect with this attitude we all are on a great mistake
Today we take ISLAM A FREELANCE in the following way

  • we are ready to bow before ALLAH five times a day,we are ready to give ZAKAT,we are ready to have FAST but we are not ready to go for JIHAD.
  • we all ready to allow our sisters and mothers to wear hijab only in the time of prayer but we are not ready to allow them to wear them in streets(w.r.t western world)
  • we all are ready to turn our tv volume low when azan is there but we are not ready to quite MUSIC in our free time
  • we are ready to say that we love PROPHET P.B.U.H but we are not ready to say even a single word to a person who nazbillah become a source of harm to the dignity of last PROPHET P.B.U.H
  • we are ready to show anger when someone spoke against our political leaders but we are not ready to show aggression when 20,000 Muslim homes were burnt to fire

And now one more thing that stunned me today that recently in AMSTERDAM which is the SEX CAPITAL OF WORLD(sorry to use that word but i have to use to clarify what i want to say)there was an advertisement stating that HALAL PROSTITUTES ARE AVAILABLE.....that mean that they don't drink they sometime don't eat pig and much more
Now this is what we are doing with our own religion this is not their fault that they are presenting ISLAM in a wrong way it is we who are practicing ISLAM in a DUBIOUS way.
The western agenda is to make ISLAM a religion that is not a strange on for every one of us and they are doing this by using above stated tactics and we are helping them each and every time
Today we are like JOKERS in the world
                                              "ISLAM STARTED WITH ODDNESS AND IT WILL 
                                                AGAIN BECOME ODD"
Brothers and sisters the day has come today JIHAD IS ODD  for us today HIJAB  IS ODD for us today doing something for LAST PROPHET S.A.W.W IS ODD for us etc
It is a humble request to all of you to think about it

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